Moerdon Solar Power Bank 10000mAh suppliers in India

Moerdon Solar 10000mAh Power Bank

Oftenly, we tend to stay outdoors and come across a situation when we don’t have a power socket to charge our phones. But, you don’t have to further worry as you will be having a substitute along with you always, Moerdon 10000 mAh Dual USB output power bank.
For compact convenience outdoors when it comes to keeping a charge on your devices, this power bank is a great candidate for those looking for their perfect solar power source. With Lithium-ion Battery Pack, this device can charge multiple devices without issue. It comes with two USB output ports to lighten the load of charging your devices around, making a good use of this spare battery.

Just as the name suggests, a solar power bank is a battery power storage unit that gets its energy from sunlight. This kind of banks is especially useful during camping trips when there are no electricity sockets to be found, but keeping charged equipment for emergencies is necessary.
As specially invented with premium quality solar panel that recharge the power bank under direct sunlight, you can charge your devices with 2.1 Amp output current and recharge the power bank back with another electric input port of 2 Amp. Moreover, the build is extremely good as invented with ABS.

You also get some added features along with this super power bank that are 4 LED power indicators, LED flashlight, power button and 3 micro USB cables that makes it really a worth buy.
Also protected with multi-level protection module that guards your charging devices from unwanted risks like charging/discharging malfunctioning.
So, if you really want yourself to have a premium, high performance and superb working power banks that are functional even when outdoors under solar energy, then you really must pick this Moerdon solar charger.


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